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Growth Your Business with Shortway Solutions

We support companies in the setup, management, and troubleshooting of aspects like their network, hardware, software, cloud computing, and more

Shortway Solutions featured Business Support

How can we Support Your Business ?

Supporting Businesses by Allowing organizations to be more efficient and to maximize productivity.

It doesn’t matter if your business provides cutting-edge tech services or you’re focused on traditional products and services — you need IT.

Shortway Solutions

You need to receive some types of IT services and Solutions from professional providers

For example, Some companies do not need to enter into long-term contracts to receive some types of IT services and solutions, Therefor we have 2 Options:

Managed IT Services (Long Term Contracts)

According to the diversity of companies' sizes, these services are provided on 3 levels commensurate with the sizes of these companies.

On-Demand IT (No Contracts)

In other Words, It Allows you to pay on an as-needed basis rather than spend a set amount each month.

How Shortway Solutions can help you?

Grow Your Business with Us

You can take advantage of all our solutions and services, we can simply manage your business completely and provide the needs of modern technologies and solutions to keep pace with the current era and maintain the growth rates of your company or activity

IT Solutions & Services

Create an IT strategy for your company that works in tandem with your business strategy.

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Branding & Identifying

Supporting your Brand by creating the visible elements of your brand, such as color, design, and logo, that identify and distinguish your brand in consumers' minds.

Programming & Development

Planning, designing, creation, amending, verification, testing and documentation of new and amended softwares as per your business needs.

Targeting & Marketing

Supporting your business by Finding segment of consumers most likely to want or need your business's products or services.

Reporting & Analysis

Supporting Decision Makers by translating business data into information (Reporting), and Information into Insights (Analysis)

Planning & Consulting

Improving the efficiency of your company systems, and generally helping a business best use IT to meet its goals

Shortway Enterprise resource planning

Shortway (OnERP), in short is the world's best 100% ERP Solution

With cost-effective pricing and hundreds of exciting features,That is to say OnERP is a global ERP software supporting growth any sizes of businesses.

OnERP is a full-featured business management solution that helps businesses of any size to record all their business transactions in one system.

Agile saves a lot of time in addition to other benefits that reduce the overall chances of failure.

Using proper configuration to remove bottlenecks is vital for smooth functioning of a growing OnERP system.


Save time and improve productivity with Shortway DMS

Shortway DMS is a self-hosted web-based document management system designed to help organizations store, track, modify, and manage documents on a centralized platform.

Access Control

Assign Document to user or role for specific period or unlimited time.

Security Features

All files at rest are encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Business Analysis

Pace of Digital Transformation

That is to say Companies planning, testing and implementing Digital Transformations by Sector

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